Code Of Conduct

Aghinagh Gaa is an organisation in which all members and guests must be treated with respect. Members must always that you are representing Aghinagh. The code of practice outlined below is designed to achieve a well ordered environment where fair play is promoted and players can develop to their full potential.

Discipline - All club members are expected to behave in a disciplined fashion at all times. Do not use foul or offensive language, bully or take a persons character on a continuous basis. Team management have the full authority of Aghinagh Gaa to sideline any disruptive player.

Respect - All players and coaches should treat each other with mutual respect. Feedback to mentors is encouraged.

Inclusiveness - Our club supports the principle of inclusiveness and does not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of Gender, Civil Status, Family Status, Age, Disability, Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs or members of the travelling community. In particular the club supports the equality of access and participation for all.

Alcohol - When a request by the mentors for the abstention from alcohol and any illegal substance is not adhered to by the players, prior to and during games, including training sessions that player is liable to have sanctions imposed by the team management and or by club officers. Abuse of alcohol and illegal substances are detrimental to your playing ability.

Referees – All members, players and mentors must show respect for the referee and his officials at all times.

Property – All property home and away must be respected.

Time-Keeping – Good time-keeping by players, coaches and officials is an essential element of good discipline.

Club Regulations – Players are not insured to train or play with the club if they have not paid their membership fees. Therefore all membership fees must be Paid before or at the first training session.

Procedures to deal with issues – All issues will be dealt with fairly by the team management and or by club officers as it sees fit.

Remember current players are role models for all future players.